Lisa Shankari AmaniLisa acknowledges the presence of the Divine within and around us, and will help you to deepen your connection to your inner voice through the ancient practices of yoga.

Lisa Shankari Amani has been a certified Yoga Instructor since 1996. The name Shankari is Sanskrit (the language of yoga, and the oldest living language in the world). It means “beneficent one”, one who helps others; and was given to her by her first Master Teacher, Satchidananda.

Lisa Shankari AmaniShe has continued her pursuit of yoga training from the world’s best teachers most recently completing 500 hours of training in 2015 in Purna Yoga, and is currently pursuing 2000 hour certification in Purna Yoga in order to deepen her abilities to nurture others on the sacred journey that is life. In addition, Lisa holds certifications in Integral Yoga, Sadhana Yoga Chi, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, & Yoga of Awareness for Cancer from Duke Integrative Medicine.

In the words of her first teacher Satchidananda she believes…

“Truth is One, Paths are Many.”